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Save the Minden ER Donations

There are 4 simple ways to donate.

You can Donate through:

  • Go Fund Me (click on the Go Fund Me Logo to be directed there).

  • In-person at TD Canada Trust

  • E-transfer

  • Or by cheque

All the details are outlined below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Save the Minden ER?
Save the Minden ER is a grassroots community organization, we are not a registered charity.

Our Mission and Vision are listed below:


Committed to reopening of Minden Emergency Department to restore accessible, quality, equitable and comprehensive healthcare to our community.

To advocate for healthier rural communities throughout Ontario and beyond by engaging with the decision-makers that control Ontario’s healthcare network.

Is Save the Minden ER a registered charity?

Save the Minden ER is not a registered charity, and no tax receipts will be issued. If a charitable receipt is important to you, please consider this when making the decision to donate.

How can I donate?

General information on how to donate is listed below.

How will donations be used?

Donations will be used for the purposes of advancing the goal of reopening the Minden ER. Activities will include, but not limited to:

  • Keeping attention focused on HHHS’ decision to close the Minden ER, holding them accountable for the lack of community involvement, the lack of a viable transition plan and the shortfalls in their board governance with the ultimate goal of having them resign

  • Holding Premier Ford, MOH Sylvia Jones, and MPP Laurie Scott responsible in allowing the closure and advocating for the government to appoint a supervisor at HHHS, remove the board and reopen the Minden ER

  • Keeping attention on the Conservative Government’s policy of closing rural ERs and the privatization of healthcare services in Ontario.


Additional activities may be added under the guidance and approval of the Planning Committee, current expenses include:

  • Public events to further the cause and exposure of the Minden ER closure and the goal of reopening the Minden ER

  • Travel for committee-sanctioned activities

  • Branding and promoting awareness of the cause

  • Signage, printing and distribution of flyers and posters, and other marketing expenses related directly to raising awareness

  • Website and administrative costs

  • Liability Insurance or event insurance where necessary

At such a time that the Minden ER reopens and Save the Minden ER group ceases its activities, all funds remaining on deposit will be donated to a Minden community charity to be chosen by the Planning Committee.

How will you report and account for the use of my donation?
Donations will be deposited by members of the Finance Committee into the joint account at the Toronto Dominion Bank in Minden. The account holders are listed below. The bank account is set up with a minimum of 2 members to sign for all expenditures. Donations received will be accounted for and reported in aggregate on this website with a full accounting provided to the Planning Group. For Privacy reasons, no personal Donor information will be posted publicly.

Save the Minden ER Finance Committee – Bank Account Holders:

Treasurer: Corinne Lavric
Co-signer: Anne Stephens
Co-signer: Cathy Mauro

The Finance Committee will track donations, expenses, and report to the Planning Committee. The ultimate decision on where to direct donations will be at the discretion of the Planning Committee. If you have any concerns about how the group is going to use donations, the ultimate choice to donate is yours and we recommend that you consider this beforehand and donate where you feel most comfortable

How do I make a donation?

Save the Minden ER Finance Committee members have opened a bank account at the Minden location of the Toronto Dominion Bank located at 14 Water Street (Tel:705-286-1300). Donations can be made as follows:

  • In Person: Visit the Toronto Dominion Branch and provide them with the following banking information and make your deposit.


Transit# 30422 Institution# 004 Account# 6408528


  • If you wish to receive a confirmation of your donation, please send an email to with your contact information, the date of your donation and the amount.

  • By Cheque: Please make cheques payable to Minden Matters c/o Corinne Lavric. Please mail cheques to: Cathy Mauro, 1570 Denna Lake Road, Minden, ON K0M 2K0

  • Interac: Electronic bank transfer can be sent to


All donations will be deposited to Minden Matters c/o Corinne Lavric and administered by the committee – minimum 2 signatures for any expenditure. See details above on account signing authorities. Please make sure to send an email to with details on the security questions you have used.

Cash: Please consider making your donation via Electronic Transfer, cheque or deposit at the Toronto Dominion. If these are not options for you, please reach out to a Finance Committee member via


There may be public events in future where additional options
are available.


Have questions or concerns, please reach out to a Finance Committee member via

#MindenMatters #SavethemindenER


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